Collecting data using an Analysis Expert

The Analysis Experts let you collect data for common troubleshooting tests, including bump tests, PeakVue, coast down, speed detection, order tracking, orbit plots, and cross channel. Each Analysis Expert has a predefined set of data collection parameters that you can use for most situations. See Recommended uses of Analysis Experts for when to use each Analysis Expert.

Help text in each Analysis Expert

Each Analysis Expert has help text that guides you through the measurement. You can disable the help text. See Enable or disable the help text in the Analysis Experts. If you disable the help text, measurements begin automatically when you select an Analysis Expert.

Routes and jobs

If you open Analyze from a route measurement point, even if you did not collect data, the Analysis Expert uses the route setup information from the measurement point to perform a customized acquisition.

Data Collection

Note: For best results, collect data and mark a frequency in the spectrum before you run an Analysis Expert. The Analysis Expert performs a customized acquisition based on the marked frequency and other point setup information. You are not required to mark a frequency before running an Analysis Expert.

To collect data using an Analysis Expert:

  1. Open Analyze from a route or create a job.
  2. Select an Analysis Expert from the Analyze main menu.
  3. Press Enter to collect the data.
  4. Review the plot of the collected data.
  5. Store the data.