Collect data using Manual Analyze

Manual Analyze lets you set your own analyze measurements and parameters to collect a specific data type. If you prefer not to set your own measurement parameters, use the predefined Analysis Experts. See Recommended uses of Analysis Experts.

Each analyze mode has default parameter values, but you can modify the parameters. Tach Setup, PeakVue/Demodulation, Set Trigger, and Input Setup are Manual Analyze options available with most modes. The options appear on the right side of the screen after you select an analyze mode.

To collect data in Manual Analyze:
  1. Create a job or open Analyze from Route.
  2. Select an analyze mode/measurement from Manual Analyze.
  3. View and modify any data collection parameters as necessary.
  4. Set up your sensor or tachometer using the Input Setup, Sensor Setup, or Tach Setup options.
  5. Collect the data.
  6. Plot the data, if necessary.
  7. Store the data.

If you did not open Analyze from a route, save the collected data to a job. If you open Analyze from a route, store the collected data to the route point.

Note: The single-channel analyzer does not have the Cross Channel Phase, Filtered Orbit, Advanced Cross Channel, and Impact modes.