Triggers start the collection of each average based on particular events. Four trigger options are available.

Note: When you collect Cascade data, the Level trigger is used only to start collecting the first spectrum in the series. All other spectra are collected without a trigger. These two modes do not permit pre-triggering.
Option Description
Trigger Off Collect data when you press Enter on the analyzer.
Tach Trigger Collect data with the once-per-revolution pulse from a tachometer. Use the Set Percent option to set the percent of waveform to collect before the trigger event. Enter 0 to put the trigger event at the start of the time window. Enter 50 percent to start the trigger in the center of the time window. The analyzer ignores the Trigger Level variable.
Note: When you select this option for Cascade data, a Set Tach Start option is available to set how the trigger is applied when you collect a spectra. Select All to have the tachometer pulse trigger start of each the spectral collection. Pre-triggering is permitted. Select First to have the tachometer pulse trigger the first collected spectrum. All subsequent spectra are collected without using a tachometer pulse as a trigger. Pre-triggering is not permitted.
Level Trigger Collect data at the specified amplitude on the rising positive edge or falling negative edge of the waveform. The analyzer uses the same units as the waveform. Specify a value between -2540 and 2540. Similar to the Tach Trigger, the Set Percent option is available. If you have more than one input set up, you can set the channel use for level triggering by pressing F12 Trigger Input.
RPM Trigger Collect data when the RPM drops below the level (High RPM Level) or when the RPM is above the level (Low RPM Level). The range is between 0 and 10,000 RPM. Similar to the Tach Trigger, the Set Percent option is available.