Collect Peak and Phase data


Peak and Phase collects and displays synchronous peak and phase waveform measurements as a function of the equipment RPM. Use this to display data collected during start up or coast down. A once-per-revolution tachometer pulse in addition to the vibration signal is required.


  1. Create a job or open Analyze from a route measurement point.
  2. From the Analyze main menu, press F1 Manual Analyze > F1 Set Analyze Mode.
  3. Use the up and down arrow keys to select Peak and Phase.
  4. Press Enter.
    The Analyze Setup screen appears.
  5. Set the following options as necessary.
    Option Description
    F2 Set Order Enter a multiple of the machine’s RPM between 1 and 128 as the frequency component to track. Typically, set this to one to measure the peak and phase of the 1xRPM (shaft turning speed) frequency component. The default is 1xRPM.
    F3 Set Bandwidth Enter a value between 0.02 and 1.0 as the bandwidth of the tracking filter to attenuate all frequency components, except the desired peak. The bandwidth of the filter is the frequency of the peak multiplied by the bandwidth parameter. A lower (more narrow) bandwidth attenuates frequency components that are close to the desired peak. This parameter accepts values from 0.02 to 1.0, but 0.10 is recommended for most applications. The default is 0.1xRPM.
    F4 Set Average Enable Select this function to vector average each new measurement with the previous measurement. This is useful when monitoring a running machine if the peak or phase readings fluctuate from measurement to measurement, or if the frequency of interest is modulated by nearby frequency components. The default is disabled.
    Note: Do not enable this option for startup or coastdown data collection.
    F7 Tach Setup Set up the tachometer parameters. See Set up a tachometer in Analyze.
    F8 Set Delta Time Enter a value between 0 and 999 to set the seconds that elapse between storing points. Enter 0 to disable Delta Time and start storing data on Delta RPM. The default is 0.0 seconds.
    F9 Set Delta RPM Enter a value between 0 and 90,000 to set the change in RPM that must occur before the analyzer stores a data point. Enter 0 to store a data point whenever the RPM changes by one percent. The default is 0 RPM.
    F10 RPM Range Enter values between 0 and 90,000 to set the minimum and maximum RPM values. If the RPM is outside these values, the analyzer does not collect data. The message “RPM out of Range” displays. Enter 0 to disable this feature. The default is 0.
    F12 Input Setup Set up the input channels, the sensor type, and the units for the acquisition type.
  6. Press Enter to collect the data.
    One or more plots display the data.
  7. Press F9 Store Data to save the data to a route or a job, or press F8 Start to redo the measurement.