Bump Test Equipment Off


  • Attach the accelerometer to the analyzer and the equipment.
  • Shut down the equipment.


Bump Test Equipment Off lets you check for resonance when the equipment is not running. Use this measurement when high vibration is unexplained. The spectrum may show a broad hump of energy or a single discrete peak. Use a normal hammer for this measurement.

Note: This is a single-channel measurement.


  1. Create a job or open Analyze from a route measurement point.
  2. From the Analyze main menu, press F7 More Experts > F2 Bump Test Equipment Off.
  3. Press Start or Enter to collect the data.
  4. Hit the equipment with a hammer each time the screen displays "Waiting for Trigger."
    The analyzer collects data for the specified number of averages.
  5. Press Enter to view the data.
    One or more plots display after the data is collected.
  6. Press F9 Store Data to save the data to a route or a job, or press F8 Start to redo the measurement.