Laser Speed Detection


Connect the CSI 430 SpeedVue sensor to the tachometer input on the analyzer. Laser Speed Detection automatically turns the power on for the CSI 430 SpeedVue sensor and turns the laser beam off after the measurements completes.


Laser Speed Detection confirms shaft-turning speed using the CSI 430 SpeedVue sensor.

Note: If you turned the tachometer power off from the Tach Setup in Manual Analyze, you can leave the switch for the CSI 430 SpeedVue on. If the tachometer power is on and the switch is on, the CSI 430 SpeedVue sensor remains powered on.


  1. Create a job or open Analyze from a route measurement point.
  2. From the Analyze main menu, press F12 Laser Speed Detection.
  3. Press Start or Enter to collect the data.
  4. Use the up and down arrow keys to select an estimated speed range.
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Press Enter to view the data.
    You can modify the axis and use a cursor to mark a frequency. The analyzer displays the detected speed at the bottom of the screen. To redo the measurement, press F8 Start.
    Note: You cannot store this data.