Bump Test Equipment Running


Attach the accelerometer to the analyzer and the equipment.


The Bump Test Equipment Running confirms resonance when you cannot turn the equipment off to perform a normal bump test. It also helps remove background vibration. Use a normal hammer for this measurement.

To perform the test in a frequency range, use a cursor to mark a frequency. This places the frequency of interest in the middle of the new spectrum. Bump Test Equipment Running uses Negative Averaging to remove the operational frequency, leaving the resonant frequencies for analysis.

If the running speed is at a resonant frequency, a valley in the middle of the resonant peak appears as the operational frequency is subtracted out.

Note: This is a single-channel measurement.


  1. Create a job or open Analyze from a route measurement point.
  2. From the Analyze main menu, press F7 More Experts > F3 Bump Test Equipment Running.
  3. Press Start or Enter to collect the data.
  4. Hit the equipment with a hammer near the sensor for each average.
  5. Press Enter.
    The analyzer collects additional data at the running speed.
  6. Press Stop.
  7. Press Enter to view the data.
    One or more plots display after the data is collected.
  8. Review the plot.
    You can modify the axis and use a cursor to mark a frequency.
  9. Press F9 Store Data to save the data to a route or a job, or press F8 Start to redo the measurement.