Run an Impact test


  • Ensure you have the proper impact hammer.
  • Attach the impact hammer and one or more accelerometers. Ensure you set up the hammer and accelerometers in the Input Setup menu.
  • Place the accelerometer on the equipment using a stud or magnetic mount.


Note: Impact mode is not available on the single-channel analyzer. Use the Spectra mode or the Bump Test Analysis Experts for the single-channel analyzer.
Use the Impact test to measure the relationship between channels. You can use the triaxial accelerometer and one input for the impact hammer. This allows you to do one impact and collect all three measurement directions, which makes data collection faster.


  1. Create a job.
  2. From the Analyze main menu, press F1 Manual Analyze > F1 Set Analyze Mode.
  3. Use the up and down arrow keys to select Impact.
  4. Press Enter.
    The Analyze Setup screen appears.
  5. Set the following options as necessary.
    Option Description
    F2 Set Spectra Params Set the Fmax, Fmin, and lines of resolution. See Fmax and Fmin and Lines of resolution.
    F3 Set Average Count Set the number of averages. These indicate the number of times you impact the machine. The default is 4.
    F4 Set Window Select Force/Exponential or Uniform. Force/Exponential is recommended. See Windows. The default values are 7%, 10%, 10%, and 20%.
    F6 Plot Setup Set the type of plots to display during and after data collection.
    F7 Tach Setup Set up the tachometer parameters. See Set up a tachometer in Analyze.
    F9 Set Trigger Select the type of trigger to use to start the measurement. See Triggers.
    F12 Input Setup Configure the impact hammer and accelerometer. The hammer is not set up by default. The analyzer lists the hammers by their part numbers, but you can select Generic to define the configuration manually. If you use the triaxial accelerometer, the hammer is on input D. For the impact hammer, turn Sensor Power on for the hammer and set the data units.
  6. Press Enter to start the measurement.
    The blue LED on the front of the analyzer flashes, and the analyzer beeps until you impact the machine.
  7. When prompted by the analyzer, strike the equipment with the impact hammer 2 to 4 feet away from the sensor.
    The analyzer automatically checks and adjusts the scaling.
  8. Review the waveform data and accept or reject the data.
  9. Continue to strike the equipment when prompted, until the last average is collected.
    The data plot displays when all data is collected.