Measurement Plane Setup

In Advanced Balance mode, set up your measurement planes after you set up the job. A measurement plane is where you take measurements on equipment, such as at the inboard or outboard bearing.

Note: This is available only in Advanced Balance mode.

The first plane is “Measurement Plane 1,” the second plane is “Measurement Plane 2,” and additional planes are Measurement Planes 3-8.

Note: The Toggle Direction Rotation option does not change the rotation set in the Tach Configuration.

Each measurement plane may have up to three measurement sensors defined. No more than one sensor can be axial to measure vibration parallel to the shaft. All three may be defined as radial to measure vibration perpendicular to the shaft. The positions of the sensors are important to the accuracy of special data checks, also known as Watchdog, which are performed after the reference run data is acquired and in some special calculations (such as Estimate Trial Weights and for system lag calculations) performed under the Calculator Mode.

After you define all sensors for a measurement plane, compare the display to the equipment to verify your setup information is correct.