Amplification Factor


The Amplification Factor option lets you enter the physical data that describes the rotor. The program then calculates the vibration’s amplification by the proximity of a resonance and the system lag, using selected reference and trial run data.

Equipment with amplification factors exceeding six may be difficult to balance. The most common cause is a resonance close to rotational frequency. System lag reflects the difference between the measured vibratory high spot and the true rotor heavy spot. Amplification Factor is available only after you acquire reference run and trial run data.

Note: This is available only in Advanced Balance mode.


  1. From the Balance main menu, press ALT > F6 Calculator Mode > F10 Amp. Factor.
  2. Set the following options as necessary.
    Option Description
    F2 Select Meas. Plane Select the measurement plane to use. You may want to select the measurement plane nearest the weight plane that has the readings you want to use. The default is measurement plane 1.
    F3 Select Weight Plane Select the weight plane to use. You may want to select the plane nearest the measurement plane that has the readings you want to use. The default is weight plane 1.
    F4 Enter Rotor Weight Enter the weight of the rotor between 0.00 and 100,000 lbs or 0.00 and 45,454.54 kg. The default is 1.
    F5 Enter Tr Wght Radius Enter the radius where you place the trial weights on the rotor.

    Enter a value between 0.00 and 650.00 inches or 0.00 and 1651 cm. The default is 1.00.

    F6 Enter Sensor Lag Enter the sensor/phase lag in degrees introduced by the sensor. The default is 0.
    F9 Select MPT in Plane Specify the measurement points to use. You can average all readings in a specific measurement plane.
    F10 Select Speed Enter the measurement speed to use, if you defined more than one. The default is speed 1.
    F11 Select Trial Run Enter the trial run. The first trial run is the default.
    Note: A trial run must be specified where a weight was added to the specified weight plane.
    F12 Trial Weight Units Enter the units of the trial weight. If the weight units are unitless, the default is ounces (oz).
  3. Press F1 Calculate Solution.
    The Amplification Factor Solution screen displays the amplification and system lag. The Enter key is inactive on this screen.
  4. Press F7 Amp. Factor Calc. to exit and return to the calculation screen.