Calculate weight location around the outside rotor circumference


The Circumference Conversion option lets you enter data to have the analyzer calculate the weight location around the outside circumference of the rotor. Circumference Conversion is useful when the rotor is enclosed and not easily accessible, such as when a small access panel is located perpendicular to the rotor’s shaft. Angular locations can be converted to let you measure around the rotor’s circumference.


  1. From the Balance main menu, press ALT > F6 Calculator Mode > F8 Circum. Conv.
  2. Set the following options as necessary.
    Option Description
    F2 View Balance Corr. View the last calculated balance correction. This option displays only if the analyzer calculated a balance correction and you accessed Circumference Conversion from the Trim Run Applied Weight menu.
    F3 Enter Desired Angle Enter the desired angle in degrees, typically the calculated correction angle, or import it from the balance correction. The default is 0. You cannot import discrete weight position information.
    F9 Enter Meas Enter the rotor circumference, diameter, or radius in either inches or centimeters. Enter a value between 0 and 10,000 inches or 0.00 and 25,400 cm. The default is 0.
    F10 Select Meas. Type Set the measurement value as Circumference, Diameter, or Radius.
  3. Press F1 Calculate Solution or Enter.
    The calculated solution displays in a continuous weight position format. The Circumference Conv. Solution screen displays where to place the weight. It is measured from the leading edge of the tape, in the opposite direction of rotation. The Enter key is inactive on the Circumference Conv. Solution screen.
  4. Press F7 Circum. Conv. Calc. to exit and return to the calculation screen.