Manually enter data for a Balance job


You can manually enter or edit speed, magnitude, and phase information for a measurement in a job. Modify values to review additional scenarios or enter data you did not collect. The required measurements are displayed with the first measurement point highlighted. Any changes you make are saved with the balance job.


  1. From the Balance main menu, press ALT > F9 Review/Edit Data.
  2. Select the desired measurement run.
    The measurement run appears at the top of the screen.
  3. Press F12 Edit Data.
  4. Use the up and down arrow keys to select a measurement point.
  5. Set the following options as necessary.
    Option Description
    F1 Edit Trial Run Wt. or F1 Edit Trim Run Wt. Enter the weight values for the selected measurement run. These options are available if you are editing a trial run or trim run.
    F3 Edit Speed Enter the measurement speed between 0 and 100,000 RPMs.
    F4 Edit Mag. Enter the magnitude between 0.0001 and 10,000 mils Pk-Pk.
    Note: Magnitude readings within specification are not highlighted green, as they are on the Review Data screen.
    F5 Edit Phase Enter the phase value between 0 and 359 degrees.
  6. Press F7 Select Review Data or Enter to return to the Review Data screen.