Set up the bandwidth


You can set the bandwidth (tracking filter) to attenuate all frequency components except the desired 1x turning speed peak. A narrow bandwidth filter, with a low numerical value, attenuates frequency components close to the equipment turning speed. A narrow filter requires more time to take a measurement. The bandwidth of the filter is equal to:

(the frequency of the equipment turning speed peak) X (the bandwidth parameter)

For example, if the equipment speed is 1,800 RPM and the bandwidth parameter is 0.10, the filter bandwidth is 180 RPM or +/- 90 RPM. Frequency components are not attenuated between 1,710 and1,890 RPM.

Note: This is available only in Advanced Balance mode.


  1. From the Balance main menu, press F3 Job Setup.
  2. In Basic Balance mode, press F12 Sensor Setup. In Advanced Balance mode, Enter > F6 Sensor Setup.
  3. Press F10 Enter Bandwidth.
  4. Enter a value between 0.04 and 0.5.
    The default is 0.1.
  5. Press Enter.