FAQ for mobile-friendly tasks

Product: CSI 2140

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Q: Is this the whole product manual?

A: No. It is task-only or step-wise information extracted from the printed or online manual, delivered to the mobile device. Who wants to read a manual from your mobile? Get the steps and move on!


Q: Can you make the product manual available on a mobile device?

A: The entire manual is always available in PDF form for easy printing from your installation media. In some cases, the manual is provided online on our website or with a service offering support site, where a desktop or laptop monitor provides a better experience for diving into schematics, large graphics, or other mobile-challenged content.


Q: My procedure is not listed here. Can I get it added?

A: We will be glad to evaluate your procedure for inclusion in the manual. Send an email using the link at the top of the page.


Q: My product is not included. Can it be added?

A: We will evaluate creating mobile-friendly content for any product, but we are focusing on supporting our newest products with the latest technology. Connect to your local Emerson business partner.


Q: The procedure is not correct. Can it be updated?

A: First verify the version matches, and then send an email using the link at the top of the page. We will evaluate, and since it is on the web, we will make it right once we verify.