Remove or change the battery pack


The analyzer gives you unlimited usage by changing the battery pack with a fully charged spare battery pack. When you change the battery pack, the data saved in the analyzer is not affected.

Do not remove or change the battery pack with the power supply connected to the analyzer. Damage may occur to the analyzer or the battery pack.
  • Use only Emerson's battery packs with the CSI 2140. The analyzer will not function if a non-Emerson battery pack is used.
  • Remove or change the battery pack only in a non-hazardous area.


  1. Turn off the analyzer and remove the power supply, if connected.
  2. Set the analyzer face down on a level surface.
  3. Lift up the stand.
  4. On the back of the analyzer, remove the six screws that attach the battery pack to the analyzer.
  5. Carefully remove the battery pack from the battery compartment.
  6. Insert the new battery pack and ensure it aligns with the contacts inside the battery compartment on the analyzer.
  7. Insert and tighten the six screws on the back panel.