Charge the battery pack using the external CSI 2140 Battery Charger


Remove the battery pack from the analyzer. See Remove or change the battery pack.


You can charge your battery pack separately from the analyzer. You can use the charger indoors, or you can use the automobile power supply cord to charge your analyzer in your car. You can charge one battery pack at a time. A full recharge may take 3 hours.

  • Use only Emerson-supplied power supplies and chargers approved for use with the CSI 2140 and Emerson battery packs. Using any power supplies and chargers other than approved Emerson power supplies and battery packs could not only void the warranty, but will also most likely damage the analyzer or the battery pack.
  • Ensure the air vents on the external CSI 2140 Battery Charger are clear and uncovered.
  • When charging the CSI 2140 with the battery pack or the battery pack by itself, ensure the ambient temperature where charging is occuring is 50° F to 95° F (10° C to 35° C).
  • Charge the battery pack only in a non-hazardous area.


  1. With the metal contacts on the battery pack facing up, lift the battery pack over the raised edges and then slide the battery pack into the charger.

    Battery pack inserted into the external CSI 2140 Battery Charger

    1. Raised edges
    2. Battery pack
  2. Insert the power supply cord into an outlet and into the connector on the back of the external CSI 2140 Battery Charger.
    Charging begins and the LED is amber. The battery pack is fully charged when the battery LED on the external CSI 2140 Battery Charger changes from amber to green. To check the progress, press the button on the battery pack next to the 5 LEDs. Each LED represents approximately 20 percent charge.
  3. To remove the battery pack, lift up the battery pack to clear the two raised edges, and then slide out the battery pack.