Pair a Bluetooth device



To establish communication between a Bluetooth device and the analyzer, you must first pair the device.


  1. Press Home > F5 Comm Setup > F7 Bluetooth Setup.
  2. If more than one device is listed, use the up and down arrow keys to select a Bluetooth device.
  3. (Optional) Press F8 Device Info to view information about the device, including device alias (if you renamed the device), device name, supported protocols, status and device address.
  4. Press F7 Pair to pair the selected device.
    The analyzer automatically tries to pair and connect to the device using a pin of 0000. If the analyzer connects to the device, a checkmark and "Connected" appears next to the device. The F7 key changes to Unpair. If the analyzer cannot pair the device using the default pin, enter the pin for the device, and press Enter.


After the analyzer connects to the paired device, go to the Route or Analyze programs and press the Listen To Live Data option to start listening to the live vibration signal.