Set the standby timer


To conserve battery pack power, set the timer to automatically put the analyzer in standby after a period of inactivity, such as no data collection or key presses. Standby is similar to the standby mode on a computer. The analyzer is powered on, but the backlight is off to conserve battery power. The standby timer also shuts off the keypad backlight. The standby timer is disabled when the power supply is connected to and powers the analyzer. The blue LED displays on the front of the analyzer when the analyzer is in standby. To leave standby, quickly press the power key.
Note: After 60 minutes in standby, the analyzer shuts down. You do not lose any data when this occurs.


  1. Press Home > ALT > F2 General Setup > F4 Set Standby Time.
  2. Enter the number of minutes between 1 and 30.
    The default is 10 minutes.
  3. Press Enter.