Set the LCD backlight


By default, the analyzer uses the Auto backlight mode to automatically adjust the backlight intensity based on the light in your environment. You can disable the automatic adjustments. You can set a timer to disable the backlight after a period of inactivity. See Set the backlight timer.
Note: A higher backlight intensity decreases the battery pack life. For optimum battery pack life, set the backlight to the medium setting.

Change the backlight using the LCD backlight key or the General Setup menu on the Home screen.


  1. To set the backlight using the LCD backlight key , press the key to select a setting.
    Each time you press the key, the backlight changes. The default is Auto.
  2. To set the backlight from the Home screen:
    1. Press Home > ALT > F2 General Setup > F8 Set Backlight.
    2. Use the up and down arrow keys to select a setting.
    3. Press Enter.