Set the fixed reference sensor parameters in ODS/Modal


You cannot change these parameters after you collected data for the job.


  1. From the ODS/Modal main menu, press F8 Job Manager.
  2. Use the up and down arrow keys to select a job.
  3. Press F4 Edit This Job > F10 Set Fixed Reference Params.
  4. Set the following options as necessary.
    Option Description
    F9 Set Fixed Ref Input Set the reference input to A, B, C, or D. Do not move the fixed reference sensor during the job. The default is input A. If you disable the reference input on the Input Setup screen, "???" displays next to the F9 Set Fixed Ref Input key. For Modal jobs, the reference input is the input for the hammer.
    F10 Set Fixed Ref Point Enter a value between 1 and the maximum number of points you entered. This sets the measurement point of the fixed reference. The default is 1.
    F11 Set Fixed Ref Direction Set the measurement direction (also referred to as the measurement coordinate or measurement axis) of the fixed reference. The available directions are dependent on the global coordinate system and directions defined for the job. The default is X.
    F12 Set Fixed Ref Polarity Set the direction for a measurement. The direction is usually determined by the construction of the equipment. If you cannot place the sensor in the positive direction, specify a negative direction. The default is Positive.
  5. Press Enter.