Set up a sensor in ODS/Modal


You can set sensor parameters for inputs A, B, C, and D. When you use the CSI A0643TX triaxial accelerometer, input A receives measurements from the z-axis, input B receives measurements from the x-axis, and input C receives measurements from the y-axis. For Modal jobs, the hammer is on your reference channel.


  1. From the ODS/Modal main menu, press F8 Job Manager > F4 Edit This Job > F12 Input Setup > F7 Sensor Setup.
    If you collected data for the job, the F12 key on the Edit Job Setup menu becomes the Sensor Setup option. You cannot change the number of inputs after you collect data, but you can change the sensor type. You can also set up a sensor from the ODS/Modal ALT2 main menu.
  2. Set the following options as necessary for each input.
    Option Description
    Change Sensor Type Select the type of sensor to use for the input.
    Change Sensitivity Enter the sensitivity in volts per engineering unit, such as g's for an accelerometer.
    Change Sensor Power Select ON to use the accelerometer input where the analyzer powers the sensor. Select OFF to use the volts input, and the analyzer will not provide power to the sensor.
    Change Signal Coupling The coupling mode for sensor power ON is always AC coupled. When sensor power is OFF, the mode can be changed to AC or DC.
    Change Accel Config Set the accelerometer sensors as single axis (one signal), biaxial (two signals), or triaxial (three signals).
  3. Press ALT to set the parameters for input C and input D.
  4. Press Enter.