View fault frequencies on a plot


Note: If the input is configured as a gearbox with multiple shafts, all the information may not display on the plot due to limited space. Press F1 Fault Freq List to view more data. The exact fault frequency is highlighted in the entry list and a checkmark is next to the fault ID.

Fault frequencies can help you pinpoint which part of the equipment has a problem.


  1. Plot the data.
  2. With a plot displayed, press F1 Fault Freq List.
  3. Use the F8 or F9 keys to select a fault frequency entry.
  4. Press F5 Select/Unselect.
    A checkmark appears next to the ID. The ID and description are the fault associated with the fault frequency entry.
  5. Press F10 Change Units to change the base frequency units.
  6. Press Enter.
    The active plot is updated.
  7. Press F8 Next Fault Freq or F2 Prev Fault ID to view IDs in the fault entry list.
    F8 Next Fault Freq selects IDs from the beginning of the list, and F2 Prev Fault Freq starts at the bottom of the list. If a single fault ID was added, the previous fault ID is cleared and replaced with the next ID. If multiple fault IDs were added, the plot is cleared and replaced with the first fault ID from the list.