Collect route data


  • Attach the appropriate sensors to the top of the analyzer and the equipment measurement point.
  • Load a route into the analyzer.
  • Activate the route.
  • Ensure the route data collection and display parameters are set up properly.


  1. From the Route Data Collection screen, press Enter to collect data for the displayed measurement point.
    The screen displays the number of averages remaining and the Overall value, if Analog is selected. The data is automatically saved to the measurement point.
    Note: To stop a measurement without saving data, press Reset. Press Enter to restart the measurement.
  2. Move your sensor to the next measurement point. If you enabled Point Advance Mode, wait for the analyzer to select the next point, or press F7 Next Point or the up arrow to go to the next point.
  3. After you collect the points for the first equipment, press F8 Next Equip to move the next equipment in the route.
  4. Repeat the steps above for all measurement points and equipment in the route.