Enable or disable multi-channel group data collection


Keep this option enabled, unless you cannot collect the route data due to a problem with your multi-axis sensor or multiple sensors. For example, use this option if a route is set up to use a triaxial accelerometer, but the sensor is unavailable. Disabling multi-channel groups lets you collect the data with a single one-axis sensor on input A (channel 1).

Only groups set up with multiple channels can be unlinked. Groups with points set up with channel 1 for a vibration measurement and an additional PeakVue measurement on the same channel are not unlinked.


  1. Activate a route.
  2. From the Route Data Collection screen, press ALT > F1 User Setup > ALT > F2 Multi Channel Groups.
    Press F2 Multi Channel Groups to enable or disable the option. The default is Enabled.