Override the sensor setup for a route


You can change the sensor if it does not match the sensor setup in the AMS Machinery Manager database for the measurement point. For example, you may need to change the sensitivity, or you may not need the analyzer to power the sensor.


  1. Activate a route.
  2. From the Route Data Collection screen, press ALT > F2 Override Control.
  3. Set the sensor sensitivity.
    1. Press F8 or F9 to select the type of sensor you are using.
    2. Press F4 Sensor Sens Override to override the sensor sensitivity defined in AMS Machinery Manager Dbase.
    3. Press F6 Set New Sens and enter a new sensitivity value between 0 and 100.
  4. Set the sensor power.
    1. Press F10 Sensor Power Override to override the defined sensor power setting.
    2. Press F12 New Sensor Power.
  5. Press Enter.
    Note: The changes apply to only the active route.