Set the integrate mode


Integrate mode lets you select the units to store the waveform and spectra in the route. You can also set the Integrate mode in AMS Machinery Manager. If the setting for Integrate mode is different in the analyzer, the setting defined in AMS Machinery Manager is used.


  1. Activate a route.
  2. From the Route Data Collection screen, press ALT > F1 User Setup > F10 Set Integrate Mode.
  3. Press F10 Integrate Mode to scroll through the options.
    Option Description
    Time Domain Save the waveform and spectrum in the integrated units. Time Domain generally provides more accuracy and less low-frequency noise. The default is Time Domain.
    Frequency Domain Save the waveform in sensor units and the spectrum in integrated units. If you analyze slow-speed equipment or move the accelerometer during data collection, a ski-slope effect or integration leg on the low end of the spectrum may occur.
  4. Press Enter.