Set the overall mode


Overall mode includes additional frequencies in your measurement points.

You can set the Overall mode in AMS Machinery Manager. If the setting for Overall is different in the analyzer, the setting defined in AMS Machinery Manager is used.


  1. Activate a route.
  2. From the Route Data Collection screen, press ALT > F1 User Setup > F9 Set Overall Mode.
  3. Use the up and down arrow keys to select an option.
    Option Description
    Analog The analyzer includes frequencies from 1 Hz to 80 kHz.
    Digital The analyzer includes frequencies between the lower and upper cutoff frequency (Fmax) as defined in the AMS Machinery Manager database. The default is Digital.
    True Peak The analyzer records the highest and lowest peaks from the entire data collection period in the waveform, uses the total value, and divides it by 2. Select this option for trending PeakVue technology data.
    Average Peak As each waveform is collected, the analyzer records the highest and lowest value from anywhere within the block and divides this value by 2. After all blocks are collected, the analyzer averages these individual peak values to calculate the final Average Peak.
  4. Press Enter.