Enable or disable Point Advance to automatically move to the next route measurement point


When you enable Point Advance, the analyzer automatically moves to the next point in the route after a set amount of time. Set the number of seconds you need to review the point's data before moving to the next point.

Note: If you grouped points together in your route, the analyzer collects data for those points before letting Point Advance go to the next point outside the group. For example, if you grouped points 1 and 3, the analyzer collects data for those two points and then Point Advance goes to point 2.


  1. Activate a route.
  2. From the Route Data Collection screen, press ALT > F1 User Setup > F3 Point Advance Mode.
  3. Enter the number of seconds between 0 and 30.
    To disable the feature, enter 0. The default is 0.
  4. Press Enter.