Connect to AMS Machinery Manager using Ethernet


Ensure you set the the connection type on the analyzer.


Your Ethernet settings depend on your local networks. You may need information and assistance from your IT department. Your computer must have two Ethernet connections. If it does not, use a router or a switch.

Warning: Do not use Ethernet in a Hazardous Location.


  1. Connect the analyzer to the computer using the Ethernet cable.
  2. On the computer, open Data Transfer.
  3. Click the Enable Device menu and select your analyzer.

    A device status box with an icon, name, and status appears in the workspace.

  4. If more than one analyzer is enabled, click a device status box to select an analyzer.
  5. Click the Options icon to expand the Options pane.
  6. Set the connection type to Ethernet/Wireless on the analyzer and in Data Transfer.
  7. On the analyzer, open a program and select Connect For Transfer using a path below. Choose the program that corresponds to the file type you want to transfer.
    Program Key sequence to Connect for Transfer option
    Analyze Home > F7 Analyze > ALT > F9 Connect For Transfer
    Balance Home > F9 Balance > F12 Job Manager > F7 Connect For Transfer
    ODS/Modal Home > F12 ODS/Modal > F8 Job Manager > F7 Connect For Transfer
    Program Manager Home > F6 Program Manager > F8 Connect For Transfer
    Route Home > F8 Route > ALT > F9 Route Mgnt > F7 Connect For Transfer
    Transient Home > F11 Adv. Transient > F8 Job Manager > F7 Connect For Transfer
    Note: If you experience issues when trying to connect, press the F9 IP/release/renew option to reset the DHCP process.
    Both the analyzer and AMS Machinery Manager display a message indicating the connection was made. You can now transfer files between the opened program and AMS Machinery Manager.