Connect to a remote AMS Machinery Manager database using Ethernet


  • Ensure you set the connection type on the analyzer.
  • Ensure the CSI Data Transfer Service is running on the AMS Machinery Manager server.
  • Contact technical support to configure the analyzer to connect to the CSI Data Transfer Service.
Warning: Do not use Ethernet in a Hazardous Location.


  1. Connect the Ethernet cable to the analyzer and to an Ethernet switch or port.
  2. On the analyzer, open a program and select Connect For Transfer using a path below. Choose the program that corresponds to the file type you want to transfer.
    Program Key sequence to Connect for Transfer option
    Analyze Home > F7 Analyze > ALT > F9 Connect For Transfer
    Balance Home > F9 Balance > F12 Job Manager > F7 Connect For Transfer
    ODS/Modal Home > F12 ODS/Modal > F8 Job Manager > F7 Connect For Transfer
    Program Manager Home > F6 Program Manager > F8 Connect For Transfer
    Route Home > F8 Route > ALT > F9 Route Mgnt > F7 Connect For Transfer
    Transient Home > F11 Adv. Transient > F8 Job Manager > F7 Connect For Transfer
  3. Press Dump Data.
  4. Log in using your user name and your password.
    The password is case-sensitive, so use the up and down arrows to change the case.
    Tip: Store your login. The next time you connect, press Recall Login and enter your four-digit pin. The analyzer displays your stored login information.
  5. Enter your four-digit pin, and press Enter.