Connect to a wireless network


Ensure the wireless radio in the analyzer is enabled. See Enable or disable the wireless radio in the analyzer.

Ensure your wireless network uses one of the security types below. If your wireless network has a different security type, the analyzer may not connect to your network.
  • Open (no encryption/authentication)
  • WEP
  • WPA™ - PSK
  • WPA2™ - PSK
  • WPA™ - Enterprise
  • WPA2™ - Enterprise


  1. Press Home > F5 Comm Setup > F8 Wireless Setup.
    The analyzer scans for available networks.
  2. Use the up and down arrow keys to select a wireless network, if more than one is listed.
    If the analyzer does not list your network, you may need to manually add the network. See Manually add a wireless network.
  3. Press F7 Connect.
    If you connect to a secure network, you are prompted to enter the appropriate network security credentials. A checkmark appears next to the network name when the radio is communicating with the router. The wireless icon ( or ) appears in the upper corner of the screen when the analyzer connects to the network.