Edit a wireless network


If your network configuration or security settings change, you can edit the settings in the analyzer. You can also edit the network connection settings. See Set the connection type on the analyzer.


  1. Press Home > F5 Comm Setup > F8 Wireless Setup > F9 Manage Networks.
  2. Use the up and down arrows to select a network.
  3. Press F2 Edit Network.
  4. Enter the following information.
    Option Description
    F2 Network Name (SSID) Enter the name of the wireless network.
    F3 Infrastructure Mode Select Ad Hoc to connect the analyzer to the computer directly through a peer-to-peer wireless connection through each device's wireless adapter. Select Infrastructure (Standard) to connect to the computer through a standard network with a wireless router or access point.
    F4 Security Select the type of security used for the wireless network. Select Open if no authentication is required.
    F5 Encryption Type Select the type of encryption mode. This option is available only if you select WPA™-PSK or WPA2™-PSK for the Security option.
    F6 Security Key Enter the security key (passphrase) for the wireless network. This option is available only if you select WPA™-PSK, WEP (Open), or WPA2™-PSK for the Security option.
    F12 802.1X Auth Enable or disable 802.1X authentication for the wireless network. When 802.1X Auth is enabled, you must enter a username, password, and domain when you connect to the network. Depending on your network security settings, the analyzer may automatically enable or disable this option. For example, WPA-PSK networks have 802.1X Auth disabled, while WPA-Enterprise and WPA2-Enterprise networks have 802.1X Auth enabled.
    Note: The analyzer supports the Protected EAP (PEAP) protocol.
  5. Press Enter.