Set the connection type on the analyzer


You can set the connection type for connecting the analyzer to AMS Machinery Manager. The default is USB. AMS Machinery Manager Data Transfer must have the same connection type selected before connecting to the analyzer.

Ethernet is the fastest connection type, followed by USB.

Note: Setting up the Ethernet or Wireless connections require detailed knowledge of the network. Contact your IT group for assistance.


  1. Press Home > F5 Comm Setup > F1 Set Connect Port.
  2. Use the up and down arrow keys to select a connection type.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. If you selected Ethernet or Wireless, press F4 Ethernet Network Setup or F4 Wireless Network Setup and complete the steps below.
  5. Press F3 to enable or disable DHCP.
  6. If DHCP is disabled, do the following:
    1. Enter the IP address, and press Enter.
    2. Enter the submask, and press Enter.
    3. Enter the address for the gateway, and press Enter.
    4. Press Enter.
  7. Press F6 Set Host Info.
  8. Enter the following information, if necessary.
    Option Description
    F4 Set Host Name Enter the host name of your computer. This computer should be on your network and it should have AMS Machinery Manager installed. This value must match what is set in AMS Machinery Manager for the Setup Options.

    If your network includes a DHCP server (DHCP enabled), enter the computer name. Otherwise, enter the IP Address of the computer. For additional text tools, press the ALT key and different set of characters appears.

    F5 Set IP Address Enter the IP address of the host computer.
    F6 Set Host Port Enter the TCP/IP port number to use to establish communication between the analyzer and the host computer. This value must match what is set in AMS Machinery Manager for the Setup Options. Use the default value (10077) unless otherwise directed by technical support.
  9. To test the connection, select one of the following:
    • F10 IP Config/all
    • F11 Ping by IP
    • F12 Ping by Name
  10. Press Enter to return to the Home screen.