Add or upgrade the programs in the analyzer


  • Ensure the same connection type is set on the analyzer and in Data Transfer. The Ethernet and Wireless options may require additional setup to connect to the desired computer. See the Ethernet and Wireless sections and your IT group for more information.
  • Update the firmware, if an update is available. You may see an error message if you try to update or add programs before the firmware is updated.


You can add or upgrade multiple programs at one time.


  1. Copy the new programs to a folder on your computer.
  2. Use the appropriate cable to connect your analyzer to a computer where AMS Machinery Manager is installed, if you are using a wired connection.
  3. On the computer, open Data Transfer.
  4. In the Options pane, set the Key Table and Firmware fields to the firmware folder you created in step 1.
    1. Click the Options icon.
    2. Click Browse next to the Key Table field and select the folder containing the firmware.
    3. Click Browse next to the Firmware field and select the folder containing the firmware.
    4. Click Apply.
  5. On the analyzer, press Home > F6 Program Manager > F8 Connect For Transfer.
    The analyzer displays a message indicating "Host Computer Connected" and lists the options under the Programs Available for Download section.
    Note: If the following message appears, you must update your firmware before continuing: "The host computer has a newer version of the base firmware. You should follow the procedure in your user's manual for loading new base firmware before you load any new programs". The analyzer will not open any programs until you update the firmware. The analyzer may prompt you to update the firmware after you load or update the programs.
  6. Press F11 Program or F12 Program or use the up and down arrow keys to highlight a program, and press F10 Select/Unselect Program to select a program.
  7. Press F9 Start Download.
    Wait until all programs in the analyzer are up to date. The download typically takes a few minutes.
  8. Press Enter or Reset.


View the version number for the firmware and programs to ensure the updates were successful.