Collect transient data


Attach the appropriate sensors to the analyzer and the equipment.


Note: For orbit plots, the analyzer uses the lowest input channel for the X axis and the next input for the Y axis. For a two-channel orbit using inputs A and C, A =X and C= Y. If you use inputs B and D, B=X and D=Y. For a four-channel dual orbit, A=X1, B=Y1, C=X2, and D=Y2. A and B are used for the first orbit, and C and D are used for the second orbit.


  1. Create a job or activate saved a job.
  2. From the Transient main menu, press F1 Setup / Acquire Data.
  3. Ensure the data collection and display options are set as needed.
  4. Press Enter or F1 Start.
    Data collection begins. The screen displays the remaining time for the data collection and then displays the data plot. The analyzer saves the data to the job. The Transient main menu displays the number of samples collected.