Balancing and phase measurement setup guidelines

Balancing and phase measurement requires a data collector or vibration analyzer capable of interfacing with the CSI 555. You must set up the vibration analyzer to obtain and record the phase information supplied by the CSI 555 and the reference sensor.

Follow the guidelines below to ensure the data collector or analyzer is set up to trigger and read phase properly:
  • Set the analyzer to accept an external tachometer trigger signal. The CSI 555 provides this signal.
  • Set the frequency range for order analysis (10 orders and full scale is recommended). This ensures the 1X running speed is centered in the 1X (first order) filter, which is important for repeatable phase measurements.
  • Set the analyzer to display averaged spectrum and phase data (4 or 8 averages).
  • Set the sensor power to On.
Note: The sensor provides the signal the CSI 555 uses as a phase trigger source and is the input to the CSI 555. The sensor also provides the vibration signal to the data collector or analyzer. The interconnect cable provides a "TEE" connection to both. The CSI 555 provides the phase referenced tachometer signal (output) that is used as an input to the data collector or analyzer for triggering.