Collect balance and phase measurement data


Follow the guidelines in Balancing and phase measurement setup guidelines for tuning the CSI 555 to 1X running speed. After the reference mark is "frozen" (as nearly as possible, but slight rotation is acceptable), the flash rate is derived from the vibration sensor. Phase information is valid only when operating in the LOCK/TRACK mode.


  1. Connect the proper interconnect cable between the CSI 555 and the data collector or analyzer using the Input (Up Arrow) and Output (Down Arrow) jacks on the left side of the CSI 555.
  2. Connect the vibration sensor to the CSI 555 cable. (This may be a separate cable or an integral cable. Use the D25535 with the CSI 2140 and the D25199 cable with the CSI 2130).
  3. Press PHASE DELAY until PHASE shows on the display.
  4. Use the tuning knob to position the reference mark to a convenient location.
    The data collector or analyzer is ready to receive and process the phase data from the CSI 555 and sensor.
  5. Press the trigger to collect data.
  6. Release the trigger on the CSI 555 when data collection completes.
    Note: Hold the trigger until the data collector or analyzer finishes processing the data.
  7. Proceed to the next point and repeat the process.