Set up a phase analysis


  • Use a magnetic mounting base on the reference sensor.
  • Use a sensor cable long enough for your application so you have some distance from the strobe.


  1. Set the CSI 555 on a tripod.
  2. Connect the vibration sensor to the CSI 555 using a power source, a data collector, or vibration analyzer.
  3. Mount the vibration sensor on a bearing housing in the vertical direction.
  4. Aim the CSI 555 at the selected reference mark, and turn on the CSI 555.
  5. Adjust the flash rate to the running speed, and set the CSI 555 to the LOCK mode.
  6. Using the tuning knob, position the reference mark to the 12 o'clock position.
    Note: Do not move the CSI 555 between measurements.


After you set up the phase analysis, you can check for looseness, imbalance, and alignment issues.