Enable Lock mode


  • Set the CSI 555 to Internal mode.
  • Connect and mount the accelerometer, which is usually powered by the vibration analyzer and mounted in place. A special cable assembly is available for the CSI 2140 and the CSI 2130 analyzers. Use the D25535 for the CSI 2140, and D25199 for the CSI 2130.


  1. Tune the CSI 555 to set the center frequency of the filters to work with the accelerometer.
  2. Using the Internal mode, adjust the flash rate of the CSI 555 to stop motion of the target.
  3. Press INPUT until the LOCK is on.
    The CSI 555 now uses the signal from the accelerometer to control the flash rate using the Wide Bandwidth filter lock.
  4. Press INPUT again to go into the Narrow Bandwidth filter lock.
    The LOCK icon blinks.