Replace the lamp


Warning: Before you remove the lamp, turn off the CSI 555 and disconnect the battery charger and all cables from the CSI 555. Allow the lamp to cool for at least five minutes.

The CSI 555 is designed to discharge the internal high voltages within 30 seconds. However, use caution when replacing the lamp.

You do not need to remove any screws to replace to the lamp.


  1. Push apart the two tabs on the side of the reflector housing and remove the front lens.
  2. Use a small, flat screwdriver to pry one tab and lift the lens.
    Note: Do not pry the tab any more than necessary. The front lens holds the reflector in place and may come loose, but it is not necessary to remove the reflector.
  3. With a cloth between your forefinger and thumb, hold the lamp and rock it back and forth gently while pulling out.
    Warning: Do not rotate the lamp because it is socketed and pulls out easily. Do not touch the lamp with bare fingers.
  4. Hold the new lamp with a lint-free cloth and match up the red dot on the lamp plug with the red dot on the socket.
    The lamps are polarized and must be put into the socket matching polarity.
  5. Gently rock the lamp back and forth while pushing into place. Ensure the lamp is straight and centered in the reflector hole.
    Caution: Do not allow the reflector to contact the lamp.

    Lamp replacement diagram

  6. Reinstall the reflector and position the front lens in place, and match up the notches on the lens with the two small tabs on the housing to prevent lens rotation.
  7. Push the tabs on the front rim outward and press the lens into place.