Secure the sensor cables

Warning: All wiring should be installed by a trained and qualified electrician. Wiring must conform to all applicable local codes and regulations. Follow local codes and regulations regarding wire type, wire size, color codes, insulation voltage ratings, and any other standards.

Using an appropriately sized cable clamp, secure the sensor cable to the machine approximately 4–5 in. (100–125 mm) from the mounting location. Do not curl into a bending radius of less than 2.8 in. (71 mm).

Figure 1. Securing a cable with temporary cable anchor

If the pulling of cables is not currently scheduled, secure the bundled sensor cables so that no strain is placed on the integral sensor/cable connectors. Do not let the bundled cable hang from the sensors. Do not place cables on plant floors, maintenance access areas, and/or footholds that may cause damage to the cables.