Attach the sensors


Whenever possible, mount sensors to the machine while pulling cables. If you have to mount the sensor at another time, secure the bundled cable to the machine and protect it from damage.


Figure 1 shows a typical accelerometer, mounting stud, and mounting pad used with the CSI 9420. The mounting pad is only necessary when doing an epoxy mount.

Figure 1. Accelerometer, mounting stud, and optional mounting pad

  1. accelerometer
  2. mounting stud (included with the accelerometer)
  3. mounting pad


  1. Using a plant-approved cleaner/degreaser, remove any lubricating fluid used during the tapping process and if necessary, clean the mounting stud threads.
  2. Rub a small amount of semi-permanent thread locker onto the mounting location.

    Figure 2. Apply thread locker onto mounting location

  3. Using a 1/8 in. Allen key (English mounting stud) or a 4 mm Hex Allen key (metric mounting stud), loosely screw the mounting stud into the mounting location.

    The mounting location is the machine surface when using stud mount and the mounting pad when using epoxy mount.

  4. Using a torque wrench with 1/8 in. hex bit, torque to 7–8 ft-lb (9.5–10.8 N-m) to tighten the mounting stud.

    Figure 3. Tighten the mounting stud

    For stud mount: If the mounting stud is still not seated against the spot face after you apply the correct torque force, it indicates that the tap hole is not deep enough. Remove the mounting and tap a deeper hole.
  5. Apply a thin coat of semi-permanent thread locker to the threads on the sensor housing.
  6. Place the sensor onto the mounting stud and hold it to create the least amount of cable strain and cable exposure. While holding the sensor, hand-tighten the 9/16 in. captive nut and use a torque wrench with 9/16 in. open end to finish tightening to 2–5 ft-lb (2.7–6.8 N-m).

    Figure 4. Hand-tighten the captive nut

    If the mounting stud does not disengage from the sensor, use a flathead screwdriver to hold the stud and turn the hex nut counter-clockwise with a wrench.