Power the CSI 9420


Install the Smart Wireless Gateway and ensure it is functioning properly before installing the CSI 9420 and all other wireless devices.


  1. Remove the transmitter back cover to access the power connections.
  2. Provide power to the transmitter:
    • For the battery-powered version, plug in the power module.
    • For the externally powered version, connect a 10–28 VDC (24 V nominal) power supply to the bottom two screw terminals on the right.
    Note: When selecting the power supply, note that each CSI 9420 has a peak current draw of 40 mA when awake and powering sensors.
  3. Pull the wiring through the threaded conduit entry.
    Ensure that the grommet fits the wire properly and does not leak.
    Note: The wire must snugly fit in the grommet feed-through in the cable gland to prevent ingress of water and other contaminants. If using one of the grommets for the standard low-power accelerometers, use a cable with a diameter between 0.125 to 0.250 in. (3.175 - 6.35 mm) to maintain a good seal. If a good seal is not possible with the wire selected, use an alternative grommet that provides a good seal.


Additional recommendations for power wiring:
  • Install a Ferrite EMI filter inline with the wire to block electrical noise (included with package). Refer to Install ferrites for more information.
  • Use 22 gauge or larger wiring (keep current requirements in mind when connecting multiple transmitters inline).
Tip: Power up wireless devices in order of proximity to the Smart Wireless Gateway, beginning with the closest device to the gateway. This results in a simpler and faster network installation.