CSI 9420 Data Collection: Overview

Data collection on the CSI 9420 includes taking an acquisition and storing it in memory where it is available to be transmitted. AMS Machinery Manager obtains data from a CSI 9420 through the Data Import Server communication to the gateway device. You can view or change data collection settings through AMS Machinery Manager, in the Data Import program. You can set up policies and fine-tune your data collection based on time or alerts.

To make changes to a CSI 9420, AMS Device Manager settings must allow AMS Machinery Manager to make changes.

Note: In some cases, if the gateway device is connected to a HART host such as DeltaV, any changes made using the AMS Machinery Manager software will be rejected. In such cases, contact your DeltaV administrator or an instrument technician who is authorized to make the required configuration changes.

Alert-based data collection (Enable Store on Alert)

When you chose an alert-based data collection, overall vibration and PeakVue measurements are processed to determine the alert state of the equipment being monitored. Then you can select at what alert level to trigger retrieval of the spectrum or waveform associated with that sensor. Alert-based data collection typically results in a longer life for your Smart Power Module.

Time-based data collection (Disable Store on Alert)

When you choose time-based data collection, you can store waveforms, high-resolution spectra, and thumbnail spectra are requested on a timer. The same information is collected periodically without regard to the device's alert status. Time-based data collection typically shortens the life of your Smart Power Module.

CSI 9420 Publishing Policy

The Data Import program provides an easy credit-based system to control how often data is collected and transmitted from each of your CSI 9420 transmitters. You can collect on-demand acquisitions without impacting the CSI 9420 Publishing Policy.

On-demand acquisitions

When you collect on-demand acquisitions you do not impact the CSI 9420 Publishing Policy. Time-based or Alert-based acquisition requests will continue according to the acquisition parameters for that device. All acquisitions, however, impact the life of your Smart Power Module.