Sensor mounting/attachment tools and supplies

Mounting tools

  • Drill
  • Spot face or end mill tool

The spot face tool attaches to a standard electric drill and provides a machined surface that is at least 1.1 times greater than the diameter of the sensor. The spot face tool also drills a pilot hole that can then be tapped for a stud mounted sensor.

You can purchase the spot face tool from Emerson (MHM P/N 88101), or you can substitute a spot face tool with similar characteristics as required. Contact your local sales representative for assistance.

Figure 1. Spot face or end mill tool

Attachment tools and supplies

  • 40-200 inch-lb torque wrench with 1/8 in. hex bit

    Suggested vendor: Grainger (P/N 4YA74)

    Description: 3/8" drive inch-lb torque wrench. You can substitute with any torque wrench with a range of 40 to 70 inch-lb and less than 5 inch-lb increments.

  • 1/4-28" taps and tap handle
  • 9/16" open-end wrench
  • 1/8" hex Allen key
  • Wire brush
  • Plant-approved cleaner/degreaser
  • Plant-approved semi-permanent thread locker (e.g. Loctite)

For epoxy mount, you also need the following:

  • 2-part epoxy (e.g. Loctite Depend [Emerson P/N A92106] or comparable)
  • A212 Mounting Pads

    Figure 2. A212 mounting pad

  • (Optional) Grinder – to create a sufficiently flat mounting surface