AMS Trex Device Communicator overview

The Trex unit supports HART® and FOUNDATION™ fieldbus devices, so you can configure or troubleshoot in the field or on the work bench. Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) technology enables the Trex unit to communicate with a variety of devices independent of device manufacturer.

Depending on the attached communication module, the Trex unit lets you:

  • Configure HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices.
  • Power one HART or FOUNDATION fieldbus device.
  • Measure current and voltage.
  • Perform diagnostics on a 4-20 mA current loop or FOUNDATION fieldbus segment.

The Trex unit includes a color LCD touchscreen, a Lithium-Ion power module (battery pack), a processor, memory components, and optional communication modules.

When the Trex unit communicates with devices, follow all standards and procedures applicable to the location. Failure to comply may result in equipment damage and/or personal injury. Understand and comply with the sections in this manual.