Setup and connection

Note: Install the Fieldbus Interface Configuration utility first before setting up and connecting the USB Fieldbus Interface. For more information, see Install the Fieldbus Interface Configuration utility
  1. Connect the USB Fieldbus Interface to the computer using the USB cable provided.
    Driver installation should start automatically.
    If automatic driver installation fails, you need to manually install drivers. For instructions, see Install drivers manually.
  2. Connect the interface to a fieldbus device or to a fieldbus segment using the field leads.
    Warning: Do not proceed to the next step if you are connecting to a live (powered) segment. Providing additional power source to an already powered segment can disrupt communications and may compromise automation safety.
  3. Power the connected fieldbus device or segment.

    Connect the fieldbus device or the unpowered segment to an external power source (Mode 1), or provide power using the Fieldbus Interface Configuration utility (Mode 2). For more information on the power modes, see Power modes.

Sample benchtop connection