Change the device class

A connected fieldbus device can be assigned as a Link Master (LM) or as a basic device. A Link Master contains the LAS functionality that controls communications on a fieldbus link or segment.

  1. Launch the Fieldbus Interface Configuration utility.
  2. Under the USB Fieldbus Interface icon, select the fieldbus device you want to configure.
    Note: A connected fieldbus device or segment should be powered by an external power source or be provided power by the Fieldbus Interface Configuration utility for it to be detected.
  3. From the Device Class section, click Read to identify if the fieldbus device is a Link Master or a basic device.
    Note: Only the device class of a commissioned fieldbus device can be identified. For more information on commissioning a device, see Commission fieldbus devices.

    Identify the device class

  4. Switch to Basic or Link Master from the drop-down menu and click Apply.

    Change the device class

  5. Click Yes to acknowledge the restart of the device.
  6. Click OK to continue.
    Note: Changing the device class takes about 1 minute to complete.