Decommission fieldbus devices

Decommissioning sets the fieldbus device address to a temporary address.

Note: Fieldbus devices on a live segment cannot be decommissioned.
  1. Launch the Fieldbus Interface Configuration utility.
  2. Under the USB Fieldbus Interface icon, select the fieldbus device you want to configure.
    Note: A connected fieldbus device or segment should be powered by an external power source or be provided power by the Fieldbus Interface Configuration utility for it to be detected.
  3. Click Decommission.


  4. Determine if the fieldbus device was commissioned on another host, then select Yes or No.
    • If you choose Yes, the decommissioning proceeds.
    • If you choose No, you cannot decommission the device. Decommissioning is not allowed for devices commissioned on another host.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each device you want to decommission.