Power fieldbus devices

You can power a fieldbus device or segment by connecting it to an external power source or by using the Fieldbus Interface Configuration utility.

The following steps detail how to use the Fieldbus Interface Configuration utility to power fieldbus devices.

  1. Launch the Fieldbus Interface Configuration utility.
  2. Click the USB Fieldbus Interface icon in the tree view.
  3. Select the Provide Power check box.
    Note: The USB Fieldbus Interface is only capable of providing an output current of up to 85 mA. Typically, you should not attempt to connect more than three or four fieldbus devices on the same segment when using the Provide Power option.

    Provide Power option

    Warning: Do not use the Provide Power option on a live (already powered) segment. Doing so can disrupt communications and may compromise automation safety.
  4. Click OK to acknowledge the warning.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Select Yes to restart the USB FF HSE Server and use the new setting.